Hercules hit miss serial numbers

In the spring of the Holm Machine Mfg. During a time when many engine designs were somewhat complicated, Sears sought to build simple to maintain engines suitable for the common folk. Through mail order the engines were shipped directly to customers.

The first Economy engine built at the factory was the Model A engine. About 1, of these were produced and 26 of them are known to exist among collectors today. These were followed by the Model B, which had a simplified fuel system rather than the earlier Waterloo fuel system. Probably the biggest change from the Model A to B was in regard to the water hopper.

About 2, Model C engines were produced in with changes to the head, igniter trip bracket and fuel tank filler. The Model CA was introduced in the spring of and more of this model was produced than any other Sparta-built engine, with close to 20, being manufactured. Similar to the Model C it did not have a speed control, the trip finger and holder was redesigned, and the Lunkenheimer fuel mixer became the standard. By that time Sears had also eliminated the Holm patent, a complicated speed control, replacing it with a simple governor.

The Model CX started showing up in mid at about serial number The CX had a newly designed water-cooled head, a spring-loaded intake valve latch, a newly designed side rod and a new blade-type igniter trip.

hercules hit miss serial numbers

The Elkhart low-tension magneto was also offered on the larger CX engines. Many of the features of the CX would be found on the soon-to-be-built Hercules engines. With few exceptions, it should be noted that through all of the production of engines from through the changes from one model to the next were gradual and, for the most part, minor.

Beginning in earlya simple, low cost, easily maintained engine for the masses was available to the public. Although the factory, parts, machines and some people were moved to Evansville, Ind. In all, there were 15 different models produced, beginning with the Model A in until the last JK was produced in the fall of Of the approximatelyengines built during this time frame, aboutof these were sold as Economy engines.

For the collector, there are certainly many models to choose from, and most are fairly easy to come by and to find parts for repair. The Economy engine is usually economical to purchase and is a great choice for new collectors looking to purchase their first engine. This summer there are a couple of excellent opportunities for Economy and Hercules-built engine collectors to get together.

Then in Coolspring, Pa. Gas Engine Magazine is your best source for tractor and stationary gas engine information. Subscribe and connect with more than 23, other gas engine collectors and build your knowledge, share your passion and search for parts, in the publication written by and for gas engine enthusiasts!The Hercules Engine Company began production in the early 20th century, designing diesel engines for the U.

hercules hit miss serial numbers

Over the next 85 years, the company expanded their market to include production for the military. The military used Hercules engines for a variety of vehicles, including large transport vehicles airplanes and boats.

As a result of the many roles Hercules engines have played, it is often difficult to identify a particular Hercules engine model.

However, there are three ways to identify a Hercules engine. Find the model number or letters stamped on the engine block. If you can find either of these model indicators, you know what Hercules engine you have. Unfortunately, the model numbers and letters rarely last as long as the engines; they are often covered with paint or corroded.

Look for the serial number. If you can find the serial number, you can find out what year the engine was manufactured and what model it is by searching a Hercules Engine Model catalog. Take inventory of the specifications. If there are no identifying numbers or letters left on the engine, you are going to have to identify the Hercules using the engine's specs.

Determine whether the engine runs on gas or diesel. Count the cylinders. Count the cylinder heads. Find out what kind of injection pump it has. Measure the length and height of the engine. Step 1 Find the model number or letters stamped on the engine block.

hercules hit miss serial numbers

Step 2 Look for the serial number.John Deere 1. Domestic 1. Empire 2. Fairbanks Morse Z 6HP. Stover 1. Galloway 1. Jaeger 3 HP. Jaeger 2 HP.

Sandwich 1. Maynard 1 HP.

Hit-and-miss engine

Arco 1. Field Force 4 HP. Economy 1. Leader 3 HP. Maytag Maytag 92L. Maytag History. Hit And Miss Theory Demo. Throttle Governed - Controls the engine speed by controlling a butterfly in the carb. If it runs too slow, it opens the butterfly and a larger charge of air and fuel is allowed into the engine and it runs faster.

If the engine runs too fast, it closes the butterfly and allows a smaller charge of air and fuel into the engine and it runs slower. Both types of engines have one thing in common the govenor. So we will start with that. Below in Fig. As the engine speed increases, the weights on the govenor fly outward because of centrifugal force. This action in turn pushes the rod in the middle outward. As the engine slows they are forced inward by a set of springs springs not shown.

You can now use this action of the rod moving outward going too fast and inward slowing down to control the engine. The oldest of the two types of engines is the "Hit and Miss" but we will start with the easiest to explain first or the "throttled goverened" engine. As the engine increases in speed, the butterfly in the mixer is closed thereby reducing the amount of fuel the engine gets. Less fuel, the slower the engine runs at.

The older of the two types is the Hit and Miss gas engine.

How to Identify a Hercules Engine

It is also less regulated than the throttle type. There are two different states the engine can be in, "Hit" or "Miss".John Deere 1. Domestic 1. Empire 2. Fairbanks Morse Z 6HP. Stover 1. Galloway 1. Jaeger 3 HP. Jaeger 2 HP. Sandwich 1. Maynard 1 HP. Arco 1. Field Force 4 HP. Economy 1. Leader 3 HP. Maytag Maytag 92L.

Maytag History. Hit And Miss Theory Demo. The first self powered wringer washing machine was the Model The first engines came with a battery powered ignition as shown above. In a magneto ignition system was added with the Model But be warned, due to their value, there have been Replica engines made. A Ball Mason canning or fruit jar was used as the fuel tank. There are no records to prove that anything other then the standard Ball Mason jar of the day was used.

Fruit Jar Engine serial numbers are generally found in the through The Fruitjar engine was built during the last two years of Upright production.

Although a few Fruitjar engines are known to have the Quick Action Magneto. If this was production or a later field retro-fit is not known. The model 82s used a Johnson magneto. There were both 11 and 9 fin cylinder model 82 Multi-Motors. The 11 fin cylinder came first on the 82 then at about the time of the change to the long frame S tank this changed to the 9 fin cylinder.

So some long frame engines are seen with 11 fins and some short tank engines with the 9 fin as well. Circumstantial evidence indicates that around 15, 11 fin multi-motors were produced.

Also the first model 82 multi-motors came with the S fuel tank that looks similar to the late Upright fuel tank. Then shortly after they changed to the S long frame fuel tank.Hit Miss Engine.

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RSS Feed. Log in. This engine is in very nice condition and runs well. Trailer has a spare mounted on the underside of the trailer. Engine runs very good and as far as I know needs nothing. You also get two rare porcelain signs that have the Jaeger name on them and patent dates.

Not shown is a pressure gauge from the Jaeger Co. In Columbus, Ohio that is included. This engine was on a cement mixer or air compressor not sure which. Engine was manufactured in Please use Pay pal. Good luck and thanks for your interest in this item. The Engine is restored and correct in every way.

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Starts and runs well! Take a look at the pictures. Note the following: The Fuel fill, Governor bearing grease extension, Oiler tube stabilizer clamp in water hopper, and spring loaded grease cup on connecting rod, are all correct as to application.

Sits on a nice Cart with a handle. Always stored is a climate controlled area. You will look far and wide to find a Jaeger this nice! Jaeger Antique Concrete Mixer w.Privacy Terms. The Home Machinist! A site dedicated to enthusiasts of all skill levels and disciplines of the metalworking hobby. Skip to content. Quick links.

Engine Value please help!

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I am not sure where to turn, as I'm not really familiar with antique engines sorry! My father recently passed away and left behind a 5HP Hercules stationary engine. It seems to be in OK shape and will run, but my Mother has decided to sell it. We have no idea what the value is and were hoping that someone could help. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me at clarionprobate yahoo. I haven't bought or sold any engines for years, but back in the late seventies or early eightys they I used to figure roughly bucks a horsepower.

But today's prices may be higher. If you can find a number of collectors interested then it helps. Every now and then someone will post results of an auction they've attended. Here are some auction results for some of the larger Hercules engines. Some date back toso some of the prices may seem low by today's standards; other prices may be as recent as this year. Keep in mind that engine values vary widely.

If they are missing major parts such as magnetos or igniters, the value plunges. A cart will add to the value and a good restoration can almost double the value. Note that I have thrown in some Economy prices. Hercules manufactured Economy engines for Sears Roebuck, so mechanically they are similar, if not identical.

It had been totally restored and it was in excellent running condition. I know Hercules is a rear engine a Hercules collectors that will pay top dollar. The larger engines are less collectable but 5 hp is an very nice size you should not have any problems selling it. I have a friend that is a collector if will send you his email address if you want.

Board index All times are UTC.A hit-and-miss engine is a type of four-stroke internal combustion engine that was conceived in the late s and was produced by various companies from the s through approximately the s. The name comes from the method of speed control that is implemented on these engines as opposed to the "throttle governed" method of speed control. The sound made when the engine is running is a distinctive "POP whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh POP" as the engine fires and then coasts until the speed decreases and needs to fire again to maintain its average speed.

Hit-and-miss engines were made by a multitude of engine manufacturers during their peak usage which was from approximately through the early s when they began to be replaced by more modern designs.

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A compilation of engine manufacturers can be found in the book American Gasoline Engines Since by C. This comprehensive book lists hundreds of manufacturers of early engines including those that made the hit-and-miss type. A hit-and-miss engine is a type of flywheel engine.

A flywheel engine is an engine that has a large flywheel or set of flywheels connected to the crankshaft. The purpose of the flywheels is to maintain engine speed during engine cycles that do not produce power. The flywheels absorb power on the combustion stroke and provide power on the other three strokes of the piston. When these engines were designed technology was not nearly as advanced as today and all parts were made very large.

hercules hit miss serial numbers

The engine material was mainly cast iron and all significant engine parts were cast from it. Small functional pieces were made of steel and machined to perform their function. The fuel system of a hit-and-miss engine consists of a fuel tank, fuel line, check valve and fuel mixer.

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The fuel tank most typically held gasoline but many users would start the engines with gasoline and then switch over to a cheaper fuel such as kerosene or diesel. The fuel line connected the fuel tank to the mixer. Inserted into the fuel line was a check valve which kept the fuel from running back to the tank between combustion strokes.

Mixer operation was simple, it contained only one moving part, that being the needle valve. While there were exceptions, a mixer did not store fuel in a bowl of any kind.

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Fuel was simply fed to the mixer, where due to the effect of Bernoulli's principleit was self-metered in the venturi created below the weighted piston by the action of the attached needle valve, the method used to this day in the SU carburetor. Spark to ignite the fuel mixture was created by either a spark plug or a device called an ignitor.

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When a spark plug was used, the spark was generated by either a magneto or a buzz coil. A buzz coil used battery power to generate a series of high voltage pulses which were fed to the spark plug. For ignitor ignition, either a battery and coil was used or a "low tension" magneto was used. With battery and coil ignition, a battery was wired in series with a wire coil and the ignitor contacts.

When the contacts of the ignitor were closed the contacts reside inside the combustion chamberelectricity flowed through the circuit.

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